Monday, March 19, 2012

YaY Free?!?!?!


“FREE” is NOT always FREE
Maybe the baby in the Jimmy Fallon, Capital One® commercial has a point

“FREE” is NOT always FREE

Actually “Free” can be can be a scam

“Free” can cost you more money!

Now yes I own a dictionary and I’m college educated but Free does not always mean FREE, keep reading, I have a point

Look, notice anything on this shampoo bottle

Look closer… see that little yellow & red sticker????

More for the same price? Great sign. me. up.

NOT so Fast

I have curly hair, I drown my hair use conditioner, I need it to calm frizz, be more relaxed & manageable. Its arguable that I use more condishioner than shampoo, I have even heard that hair can go without shampoo, but I’m too much of freak to not “soap” to wash my hair. In my case conditioners is a necessity.
Here’s the scam. Do you see the differences in sizes?

 Case. In. Point.

I run out of conditioner before I run out of shampoo, so I go buy more conditioner, but then I run out of shampoo, but still have condishioner left, so I buy more shampoo. Enter vicious cycle. I’m getting stuck and forced into continuously buying that brand!
I do not change shampoo/condishioner often, I have a select few I dabble between. Though I do not want to have only one of the pair and switch brands in the same shower.

It’s a marketing ploy and big, rusty bear trap!!!!
So yes FREE does cost money & is not always a good thing.

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