Sunday, March 18, 2012

Why it Works

(the important/point of my post is ½ way down)

 Did I mention, I'm extremely stubborn? I'm pretty stuck in my ways!

(side story: I like what I know so, in a restaurant growing up, if I ordered pasta, I expected it to be like how I got it at home, pasta, butter, NO sauce. (it prevented a lot of fights at the dinner table for two full time working parents) If that’s not how it came, I would complain, then refuse it eat it, & whine about being hungry and ask when are we leaving! YES, a real joy to go out to eat with! Well the summer of third grade we took a 4 week? cross country road trip. My mom sat me down before we left and told me we were going to be eating at restaurants for the entire vacation and she didn’t want me ruining every meal and I needed to accept that not all dishes will be served how I’m accustomed. Not pleased, but I said ok….. What did I do for meals for 4 weeks? I ate chicken fingers, one dish I knew was the same in every restaurant, no matter how far in the boonies we were. Yes, chicken fingers for two meals a day for 4 weeks, ok maybe a few different meals, but it was infrequent. I got food, it was what I was expecting AND I didn’t whine & ruin dinner. My way works for me…. sometimes rarely)

(Important Part)
Oh back to stuck in my ways…… I cook what I like, I will try to add things together for a dish if I know I like the flavors. Yes, sometimes they are not the best with each other….

Remember the FRIENDS episode where Rachel made a raspberry ground beef trifle??
 NO! my kitchen endeavors have not gotten that bad, but when it comes to the kitchen, I have the creativity of a dune bug. I have no idea what goes with what.

 I like what I like and that is why these shakes work for me. I’m not stuck with prepackaged meals, or a plain 3oz chicken breast or extensive meal prep EVERY SINGLE DAY. I get to decide what I want, whatever flavors I want to mix together. There is endless variety, but there is creativity too. I follow some of the recipes but more than anything, I go in my kitchen find what I’m craving that day and blend it up. I actually look forward to my shake meals MORE than I do my regular meal. (not to mention less prep time & less dishes) Plus, I still get in my Ben & Jerry’s and other “cheat” foods but without the excessive calories. Yes, I've had a Ben & Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk Shake..... um 344 calories!!!!!

That is why Visalus Sciences fits me!

for example my newest creation
(219 calories)
 2 scoops
1 cup of frozen strawberries
1/2 cup of frozen raspberries
1 cup of Trop 50 Apple Juice
3 ice cubes

It was soo good, all I did was throw ingredients in my blender that I like. No, it wasn't in a recipe book or outlined in a meal plan. I got to be in control and choose how I wanted my shake! 
Plus 1/6th of my daily calories for breakfast... 

like I said, pretty. fricken. awesome.

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