Saturday, June 30, 2012

Soapbox Saturday


I turned on my computer Thursday morning, clicked a link & bawled.  (yes, people I’m a crier)  Why?

Ann Curry is no longer going to be a part of my mornings.  Yes, I loved her.  She styles, her talent, her gumption, her heart.  Regardless of the corporate nonsense surrounding her “reassignment,” Ann Curry really knew why we turned on the news.  Yes, it was it to get catch up on local events but also share the world’s stories minus all the hype.

News lately has really pissed me off (sorry).  How is it that news programs have turned into entertainment gossip programs?  No longer is it a report about what’s going on in the world mixed in with life pieces.  How can we have hope in our country/economy when more people know how many days Kim Kardashian’s latest marriage lasted than the five leading causes of death in our country?  It’s almost as each generation passes out country get stupider.

Which is a complete insult to me and all working to better themselves through education, training, working, any type of learning.  Yes, there are major breakthrough‘s that have saved and better lives, but as a society, this is how we say thank you?  We spend more money on healthcare and education than any other country but we do not even make the top ten in aptitude tests or healthiest populations.  It’s a bit pathetic.

Anyways, Ann Curry knew that there was more to reporting than who designed Catherine Middleton’s wedding dress.  Yes, there is a popularity element in journalism but you could tell the passion Ann Curry exuded when she was reporting about what really matters, not to mention a love for life.

She was curious, asked the hard questions but also asked the uncommon ones, because she wanted to know.  I loved her two cents she added to the nonsense newscasts because she was as bored as we were, no wonder ratings dropped.  Oddly enough, there was a slight ratings hike when Matt Lauer had his bike accident with a deer….interesting.

I cannot believe her class.  She got a weak measly good bye from her cohosts.  Four minutes, really NBC.  She apologized to America, for what showing the world what actual journalism is?  So Ann you’re dead wrong the failure was on NBC.  Um….  NBC you failed in reminding America of her accomplishments, and keeping journalism in your morning talk show.

As a viewer, I would have liked to have SEEN highlights of the daring reports about which there was the briefest of mentions at the end of the show. A show that spectacularly covers breaking news surely could have put together a tribute, even if the decision to announce her departure was hastily made.

Replacing Ann Curry was a colossal mistake, NBC! Not to mention the lack of tact you went about handling the forced replacement. My heart hurt for Ann. Yes she got 10 million dollars from NBC covering their butts but NBC crushed her spirits and no money can “cure” that. She appeared truly wounded and genuinely hurt as she stared dolefully at her lap as her soon-to-be-former cohosts mentioned their "favorite Ann moments."

I will miss you as a daily part of my morning Ann Curry!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Heat & Erin DO NOT MIX

I do NOT like being hot. I do like sports and being active, but sweating and being hot is NOT something I enjoy. It’s not just a preference thing either, my body doesn’t do well with it. I get dizzy and nauseous.

I never liked it. When I was a baby, my mom brought me to the doctors for some reason (prolly because I was a fussy baby who wasn’t really fond of the whole sleeping concept) and the doctor recommended that an air conditioner be put in my bedroom. I think my parents instantly gained AT LEAST four or five more hours of sleep a night after that.

So, ever since that summer. I have had an air conditioner in my bedroom (our house it too old for central air, it would have been quadruple the price after re-insulating and all that other nonsense). Growing up I spent every day in the summer either inside with air conditioning or in a pool. Even in 55 degree water!

I cannot survive humidity ridden summers without air conditioning. I can barely cope with getting in my car after it’s been baking in the sun. It’s a prescription for an instant headache. The last few days with a dew point in the seventies has been killer.

My hair doesn’t even like it. I get this halo of frizz the minute any ounce of humidity is in the air.
I know its frizz and not a sign from above. I am by no means an angel, therefore I will NEVER have a halo floating above my head indicating the utmost beauty, purity or kindness.

The halo kind of looks like all my baby hairs got electrocuted. The best part is that the more humid it gets, the more my hair frizzes or curls in the most sporadic directions. It may have been cute when I was four, but now it just makes me look crazier than I already am.

Not the best example, I know
ignore my lovely expression & complection

My camera is oddly enough being forgiving, its much worse in person, 

It cannot even be contained in a ponytail!!!!

Only solution = get away from the humidity, 

yeah, um hair products are not a match for humidity and my curly, frizzy locks. All they do is weigh it down or make it greasy. I have tried tons & tons of them.

My feet get hot and socks are NOT my friend, except maybe, maybe while playing tennis (two pairs = a bit of extra cushioning & spring in my step) Honestly, if I could, I would be bare foot 24/7. 
(it’s a struggle being a scientist & closed toed shoes are mandatory)

I have always been like that. I was just a “hot” kid. I was in daycare the year the state decided (for fire safety reasons) that shoes had to stay on during nap time. It was torture! In elementary school my mom would send me to school with socks on, but the minute I got on the bus (or out of her sight) I took them off, even in the dead of winter. 

ahhhhh (as in this is great)
I do not remember the exact details, but my teacher once tried to discuss season appropriate foot wear with my parents. My mom told my teacher that “I send her to school every day in appropriate footwear, look in her backpack, you’ll find a few pairs of socks and possibly her sneakers.”

I have always been hot and hated being bundled up, under the covers or wear clingy material. Velvet and flannel are OUT OF THE QUESTION. I still wear shorts and a tank top to bed, even in the winter and rarely am under any covers other than a sheet. I don't even like the heat on in my car in the winter. I turn it on to get the chill out of the car, but then I either turn it off or way, way down low.

If I could or if it was socially acceptable, my every day uniform would be an over sized tee shirt and a pair of undies. NOTHING ELSE

The funniest thing? All the females on my mom's side are always cold, ALWAYS. My mom has low blood pressure where I have high blood pressure. 

Again I'm the outliar/oddball 
(this is news to NO ONE)

This past few weeks have been HOT and HUMID. Add in the excessive rain we have been getting and its just been muggy and stuffy. The air seems heavy and that my lungs are working extra hard from breathing in the muggy air. We are even going to mention the amout my frizz halo has expanded. But here's a visual from FRIENDS when Monica went to Barbados

Yes, it gets THAT bad & I have a weird shaped head so braids are out of the question. Plus I would get stuck five minutes after they were put in. (confused? watch the episode)

Therefore, I'm trapped in the two rooms in my house that have air conditioning. To escape the "trapped" feeling I go shopping or window shopping for a change of scenery without a change in temperature. 

So hot or cold?

Which do you favor or which does your hair/body favor?

Monday, June 25, 2012

It's pretty powerful

Saw this for the first time with my kick-ass triathlete cousin before her iron man in Syracuse this weekend. Even with a crazy, active, wild and absolutely awesome four your old running around, the world seemed to stop around us for the duration of this commercial. It definitely spoke to us and it seemed pretty perfect for my cousin to see the day before her trilithon. I loved the message. I loved that these women stuck with it and let their presence be known! Yeah I was never the top athlete or number one seed but I prevailed, beat my times, improved my strokes and my “playing” eventually developed into strategy. I will never be a triathlete (I hate, hate, despise running)  or a crossfit super star or an Olympian but I improved. I keep at it. No matter sex, race, disability, illness or other short comings, the persistence and effort is what makes you a champion.

Regardless of your feeling of Nike® as a cooporation or their practices, this message touches everyone, take the time to see how it touches you!!!

Saturday, June 23, 2012


I will finish my birthday wrap up another day. It was not a part of my birthday, but I got to get all gussied up so I considered it a little celebration in itself.

My friend who I went out with on my birthday is the architect for a mall expansion at carousel mall called destiny USA. It’s turning Syracuse’s main mall into an entertainment headquarters. We have been hearing about this since I was in middle school, but until now, it’s been a lot of talk. My friend invited me to the VIP party of the first store opening in the “destiny USA” section. It was Saks 5th Avenue. You could tell by the awesome invite, it was a big deal. I was pretty giddy.
It came in a shiny pink envelope!
It was an awesome cocktail party in the store, it was funny we walked in and saw a few people with drinks and we wanted some. One girl told us there are waiters circling but you have to grab them quick. So we went drink hunting. As we strolled through the store, I saw some names that will never be a part of my clothing/accessories collection including Prada, Carolina Herrara, Kate Spade and tons more that made my fashion dreams explode.  The prices quickly shot those dreams down, but a few items landed at the very high end of my budget. Though I really didn’t shop. They had Tory Burch accessories which prompted me to look for her coveted flats, but Tory Burch was not among the shoe designers. Plus it was so much more fun to people watch. It was a private, invitation only, semi-formal cocktail party, but since the mall was still open, a few shoppers got into the store. Sticking out like sore thumbs in jean shorts, gym clothes and graphic tees among a mass of dresses, suits and high heels! Yes, shame on us but we pointed out every under dressed person we saw, in our defense we did it quietly and I did not take pictures!
Finally, we saw where the waiters were coming out from and we stalked that area to grab a drink. It was air-conditioned but it was a crowded store, we were in semi-formal attire and it was over 90 degrees outside. I was thirsty for almost anything!
They were serving this fruity drink in a martini glass garnished with fresh flowers. We joked about ingesting pollen. I later found out it was cran-apple juice, simple syrup and vodka. I could not taste the vodka but it was the only beverage they were serving, we saw a few people with water but we didn’t get the BYOW tidbit.
Me & the architect 
I met many of my friend’s coworkers, made small talk and complained about the humidity we have been having. It was fun. I even met some real big wigs of Saks 5th Avenue, Pyramid Management Group, Carousel and Destiny USA plus a few local big wigs. 

They were walking around with awesome appetizers. I was starving and I definitely ate a few people’s share. Mushroom Risotto balls, Red Pepper Goat Cheese tarts, Basil with grape tomato, fresh mozzarella topped with a balsamic glaze skewers, Lobster puffs, and Asparagus wrapped in Prosciutto. They were all really good.

It was funny, everyone dive bombed the waiters when they had drink trays, one even said he couldn’t get past the shoe section without all the drinks being taken but the food trays were not as popular. I made them popular in my own world! Yes, I failed to mention these lovely appetizers on my fitness pal. Oops!

We made the necessary appearances, enjoyed the atmosphere, helped a few husbands decide on shirts, stayed for the new conference and a few drinks, then I got my private tour!

Then I got a private tour of what’s to come in destiny USA. My friend took me passed the barricades and showed me everything that was in the works. We had to step over boxes of tiles, piles of card board, tons of construction materials and be careful not to bump into anything and get covered in construction dust.

I was told a few things were still wet and put up less than an hour before the party started! It was really cool walking through the parts still in construction. It was just the bones of what’s to come and my friend explained it all! It was really awesome to hear and see how all his work and company’s work have created this entertainment mecca I had been hearing about for the last fifteenish years. My friend and his company designed the core of the mall and the outlines of the storefronts known as Phase I- the groundwork. 


Friday, June 22, 2012

Birthday Part II

On my actual birthday I drove home to spend time with my family. My mom really wanted me to be home on my birthday to celebrate with them.  It was funny my parents had a thing going on in Syracuse and I was going to pick them up and go to my favorite restaurant, but my dad was being all coy and said no we’ll just meet at home. I was a bit ticked cause I really really was craving King David’s.  So, I stopped at Target then drove home, then it finally hit me, I am getting a special dinner at home! I was right! Four 7oz lobster tails were defrosting on the kitchen counter!

It was funny, this is the second time we have mis-cooked lobster. We went to cut into them and that lovely meat did not want to come out of that shell. We cut into them realizing only the outer parts were fully cooked. We ended up having to throw them back into the pot twice to cook. Luckily the meat was juicy, tender and delicious but not chewy or over cooked! We really lucked out cooking lobster is not the easiest.
My favorite way to eat lobster is to take it all the meat out and soak it in melted butter. Yes, the best way to spike my cholesterol!  It is hard but well worth it, to fully remove the meat and then let it soak up the buttery goodness. Meanwhile I hear how great it is from my parents. I enjoyed couscous, an awesome salad with strawberries & blue cheese and perfectly grilled zuchinni while my lobster “marinated”.

Being the birthday girl, I got TWO seven ounce lobster tails! Yes, possibly the best gift ever. YUM!

We toasted with wine and it was a great reminder that I get another year to spend with my awesome family.

I was never a big fan of cake. I really only like the frosting, and end up just the cake that is touching the frosting but leaving the rest. So, mom called and asked what I wanted a few days prior, I picked brownies!!! Not the apple sauce low fat kind or fiber filled black bean kind. Neither are bad but its hard with those receipes to get a fudgey, light gooey brownie.

Needless to say mom did good with Duncan Hines Triple Fudge Brownies®. Sweet, but very corny my parents stuck a candle in my brownie and “sang” happy birthday. I even made a wish (I think?). 

I was good by only eating one AND not adding ice cream to my plate.

Though I was home for a few days after my birthday and I almost single-handedly (or single mouthedly)  finished those lovely birthday brownies!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Birthday Part I

Since my posts will rarely ever be short & sweet, I do this in parts.  This was maybe the best birthday in a good 10-15 years all around with friends and family.  So great that it started a few days early and ended a few days late!

My self-proclaimed birthday celebration pretty much could not have been better.  The week prior to my birthday I texted a group of friends proclaiming I wanted them to help me celebrate my birthday and to tell me which day worked best for them.  Thursday (14th) was the best date for everyone (which with our schedules is quite impressive w/ such short notice).  After we agreed on a date, I had to figure out where.  Problem!!!  

So, I texted Kathleen asking what should we do.  She said whatever you want; tell them date, time and where to show up!  I asked her for ideas & she said whatever you want.  She tried to fish ideas, (i.e.. type of food, atmosphere, etc.) out of me while I kept giving her vague answers!  (I hate when people do that to me)

I wanted her to decide where, I didn’t care!  But she said your day, you decide. So, I did, decided on Smiler’s a place with decent food and excellent martini’s…  So, Smiler’s on the 14th at 7:00pm Be There or Be Square.

Being late makes my skin crawl so I showed up about 8-10 minutes early.  But I didn’t walk in!  So, I texted Kathleen saying not to rush but I was here just waiting outside and she responded saying we’re inside waiting!  I’m such a goon I didn’t want to go in alone.  HA.  Feeling a bit silly, I walked in meeting Kathleen and Karthika at a table they had gotten for us.  It was too funny and another indication of my nonsense neurosis.

After we all sat down, we caught up on everyone’s lives.  It took the waitress coming back four times before we finally shut up for five minutes to look at the menus and decide what we wanted.  The food was awesome and was NOT logged into my fitness pal.  Not to mention my fabulous ex-boyfriend martini (raspberry vodka, peach schnapps, ginger ale & lime) YUM!

It was a blast catching up on our lives and enjoying each other’s company (wow, I sound old).  We laughed a ton and they even surprised me with gifts.  Totally a shock and really really sweet.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It might not be basketball season, but that does not mean Syracuse has lost my interest. Its just shifted from Syracuse University to the City of Syracuse.
The best part about Syracuse? My parents are there and its where I grew up. The best part about spending time back home? (other than the obvious time with the parental units) the comforts of home.
FOOD…. duh!
There some restaurants that are only back home and have the most amazing food (in my opinion). By no means am I a foodie, I’m actually quite picky but my loves are back home in Syracuse at a few particular restaurants.
My dad gave me this and asked if I wanted to go
umm…… heck yeah!
The Taste of Syracuse is a huge food carnival, where all the restaurants in the local area have a booth set up in Clinton Square. Yes, it gets slightly infiltrated with chains but it’s primarily local awesomeness.
Each booth offers a menu “tasting” item for $1.00 and then some offer other items or larger portions for more money, nothing over $10
The three of us had a few booths on our list that were must visits, but enjoyed moseying around the square stopping at which ever made us salivate or had a short line, below is a brief summary!
Clinton Square
Where to go first?
Dad went and waited in the lines, being our "food gopher" as well as our financier

Our First Stop was Thai Flavor  
tasting item: spring roll
Other menu items: fried ice cream, shrimp rocket and pad thai
***this was high on my list. Why? umm… fried ice cream need I say more? Well, neither of my parents agreed w/ my excitement. Dad claimed there was soo much other better food and my calorie conscious mom reminded me how healthy it was.
Well, in fear of rain we went early in the afternoon and being Upstate NY’s crazy weather it felt more like an early spring day and the occasional gusts of wind were goose bump inducing, plus having fried ice cream as the first thing I ate, I opted out on the fried ice cream.
The spring roll 
It was sooo good, hot (right off the fryer) not mushy with the cabbage and carrots were still crunchy! YUM
So good that on our way out we picked up one more!

Mom and Dad had some grape leaves Byblos Mediterranean Cafe, mom could only eat one bite. Too soggy and too salty according to mom, dad ate his & hers

Next, my dad’s number one must taste:
Bone Fish Grill’s Bang Bang Shrimp
My dad went on and on about this, having it in the restaurant and unwilling to wait in the HUGE line last year.
Thankfully going at an off-hour and the weather kept all lines pretty short.
I liked it, not my favorite but it was decent. Its shrimp breaded & fried with a zesty cream sauce.
 While dad waited in the Bone Fish line, I went to the Dunkin Donuts truck. Free Samples!

Better yet, free samples of a new test product
Fruit Sparklers
A spritzer with dunkin flavoring, fruit chunks, fruit juice, carbonation & iced tea
2 flavors: Mixed Berry & Tropical Fruit
It was sooo good. (I went back twice, 2 diffent flavors….. duh)
Sadly, they are only a test item, please dunkin big wigs make this a menu staple!!!

Twin Trees 
good Italian flavors & a classic pizza place in town
I have never really been a huge fan of pizza, and especially where I live now, they put American cheese on their pizzas…. YUCK

They had 3 types of pizza for their $1 sample. I had the garlic pizza, yum :)

Waiting in line, there was a really good band playing, the Perry-Mulhauser Band and for me to say that, they have to be good. Not because I’m a roadie but because they got my attention and I noticed them. (music is nice just not a necessity in my book, my ipod is still in its shrink wrap)

 My parents entertained the Charlie’s chicken spiedie, they said it was a bit dry
Dad tried the Jerk Hut’s jerk chicken 

King David’s

only the best Lebanese food on the planet!
Falafels topped with tahini sauce…… HEAVEN

These might have been the best King David’s falafels I ever had! thin, but crispy on the outside with a plump tender center. YUM

During the complete euphoria of the falafel consumption we listened to the band playing. It was fun people watching. I noticed quite a few old timers, “moving” to the beat bobbing their head & tapping their foot! A bit like a pigeon pecking, the funniest part, my dad may or may not have had his foot tapping!
Some just had one motion, others had both, others had a smooth rhythm in their pecking. I told my mom that’s how you could tell how old they were! I even imitated it while off to another booth. It was all in good fun.  
Even though I live in a town that has an annual Italian food festival, some of their Italian is not the Italian I’m used to, so I really wanted a meatball.
We Dad picked up Benvento’s meatball sample, very good people!

Ever since I went to Georgetown Cupcakes I have been repressing a cupcake craving. So, when I saw Yum Yum’s Bakery sample to be a chocolate caramel cupcake. (no cupcake places near me) I made sure we stopped there.
Well, it was total bogus, a rip off and not a cupcake!

It did have a nice whipped frosting, but it was less than a square inch piece of sheet cake with a lot to be desired.
While I people watched, (so fun & so much diversity and quite a few characters) Mom and dad shared a Spanakopita topped with a thick layer of tzaztiki from Kiki’s Authentic Greek Food
It smelled good, but prolly not as good as King David’s

This is only a brief insight on the awesomeness of the Taste of Syracuse. There was food booths we didn't visit, typical fair food booths (fresh lemonade stand, cotton candy, kettle corn etc....), advertising booths, annoying promoters trying to get you to sign up for some give-a-ways, chain resturant booths, an icky green elmers glue looking protein shake booth, beer tents, wine tastings and even a fried pickle booth....yuck! There was a really sweet family zone with tons of blow-ups, bouncy houses, games and face painting, all FREE. I wanted to go in, but my dad laughed at my request! Those things are fun, who cares what age you are!

 We had perfect timing too, in fear of rain we went in the early afternoon. I wasn't particularly hungry but I can pretty much eat whenever, good for my diet though! Barely any lines, hot fresh food, a decent crowd but not overly crowded, parking was simple, (though paying had a few hiccups…HA). Towards the end I started feeling off and I fell asleep on the car ride home! That has not happened in fifteen years!

An amazing reminder of the awesomeness of Syracuse. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Wanted to get this post up before the festivities of a certain upcoming birthday commence tonight.....

Remember this post? 

Yes, I know it was A while ago, but this project was a pain or maybe it was me and my neuroticness.

Any ways, here’s the story: of a man named Brady  oh... sorry

First, fill holes and cracks
I used cardboard, gorilla glue and joint compound/spackle 
(gorilla glue worked great, yes it expands like 5 million times its size BUT it is sand-able! Just make sure that you have something to catch the dripping glue.)

For the cracks, I just squeezed a thin line of gorgilla glue over them, for the holes, I wedged small pieces of cardboard into the hole then squeezed a blob on top. Since the hole had gone all the way through, I did it on both sides.
Then I spackled around the dried glue, holes and cracks, in order to make the “patch” a bit thicker and stronger.
I did actually wait for this to dry prior to sanding

Sand until smooth
I used an electric sander and hand sanded using a few different grits.
NOTE: never never never ever sand spackle with an electric sander inside your house. It creates a massive, dusty, hard to clean mess.

Once smooth, paint.

I used a picture on my cell phone and my fabulous memory to purchase three Behr samples of the “right” red. Yeah they cannot color match pictures on a device.
Luckily one worked.

Make sure you paint smooth, since I was using latex paint, I had to wait in between each coat, (not used to that) the layers tend to peel up if a layer is still damp during another layer application.

Novel concept, I knew that peeling occurred from painting walls, but never thought it would translate to painting furniture. (I know, I know I’m a bright one)

*** this step occurred a few times, it was hard to get a flat finish using a paint brush. Being neurotic I painted, sanded, painted, sanded… etc and then the spackle got damp and I had to re-spackle a few spots.

It took a little time. 
(yes my definition of little (in this context) is rather exaggerated)

I knew I couldn't free hand the quatréfoil lattice pattern to be up to my standards, so I had to get creative. I took a crayon, peeled off the wrapper and rubbed it against a piece of paper pressed up against one of sides of the table.

Then I cut out one of the lines of the quatréfoil pattern. I did this a few times since my hands are a tad shaky w/ scissors AND because I was using super thin paper with overly sharp scissors.

Then I lined up my hand made stencil and traced it. I used a pencil thinking I could erase it if necessary. Well, pencil erasers do not erase well on latex paint.

Again I hap-hazard-ly did the tracing, then painted over my pencil lines with fabric paint. I stupidly did not look at the pattern until after I painted the entire un-patterned portion.


Sand, paint over…. 
(its hard to sand fabric paint)

So, I adjusted my stencil placement and made sure each row lined up. 

Then I repainted with fabric paint. Along with fabric paint I used acrylic paint mixed with glue to have puffy, raised lines.

Since the design was not solid white, I mixed brown, cream, grey, black and beige with a dry brush to “antique” (that’s not the right word, but you get my point right?)

Its hard to be precise with dry brushing, I went back in with the red to clean up the edges around each quatrefoil.

The part above was explained in about four minutes, compiled it took about 36 hours to do. No it was not consecutive, I do have a life people kinda. It was tedious and since I’m a bit insane, it took longer than hoped.

I noticed there were streaks in the red parts of the table. It was not a solid red color. So, leaving the spots I fixed solid red was not an option in my book.

I tried paint, but black paint mixed with any color is hard. Makes colors murky and the finish looks dirty. Not to mention streaking it in straight fine lines through each quatréfoil? I’m not MC Escher people!!!

No idea where I got this idea, I took the bottom ends of a crayon and drew lines randomly throughout the entire side of the table. Since crayons are mainly complied of wax, I took an old wash cloth and rubbed each line to smear and blend within the red background. I did this with a brown, grey and black crayon. I was a tad impressed on how well it worked. I did it all over, on the top, sides, legs.

Since I bought this table damaged, there were knicks and chips surrounding the table.  I painted over each imperfection with the red and randomly around the entire table to have it blend. My color matching was good but not exact so I wanted it to blend in more than just the spots I fixed.

As hard as I tried I could not get the coloring right on the quatréfoil lattice pattern to match what was originally there. (Again, NO idea where this idea came from.) I took the side of the unwrapped crayon and rubbed it against every side of the table. Each part of the pattern was raised and uneven, so it picked up the color from the crayon pretty well. It looked a bit like the stencil I made earlier.

I was a bit excited how it well worked.

Once I finally had a covering I was pleased with, I had to make it permanent. I sprayed water based matte polyurethane over the entire table. Let it dry and sanded it using 200 grit sanding pads. I did 3 coats.
Normally I use clear spray paint or hair spray as a sealer, but since it was such a pain, I wanted to be extra sure I had a thick protective coating on it. (yes I tend to be a bit of a catastrophizer)

Its not perfect, but look at the side to side view of the side I did not touch and the side I fixed:

Another view
Not horrible, right?

How does she look? 
Here’s the numbers people:
$35 for Damaged table I got cheap thanks to a sweet smile and amplifying the multiple imperfections, $9 for the three Behr paint samples. $2.79 for gorilla glue, $ 10.86 for a can of Minwax water based matte polyurethane, $ 10.00 for the assumed total costs of the spackle, glue, sand paper, fabric paint, acrylic paint, printer ink & crayons…..stuff I already had

So, a little over sixty five dollars for awesome accent piece in my office........