Monday, June 25, 2012

It's pretty powerful

Saw this for the first time with my kick-ass triathlete cousin before her iron man in Syracuse this weekend. Even with a crazy, active, wild and absolutely awesome four your old running around, the world seemed to stop around us for the duration of this commercial. It definitely spoke to us and it seemed pretty perfect for my cousin to see the day before her trilithon. I loved the message. I loved that these women stuck with it and let their presence be known! Yeah I was never the top athlete or number one seed but I prevailed, beat my times, improved my strokes and my “playing” eventually developed into strategy. I will never be a triathlete (I hate, hate, despise running)  or a crossfit super star or an Olympian but I improved. I keep at it. No matter sex, race, disability, illness or other short comings, the persistence and effort is what makes you a champion.

Regardless of your feeling of Nike® as a cooporation or their practices, this message touches everyone, take the time to see how it touches you!!!

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