Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How many ounces?

I know the whole recommendation of drinking 64 ounces of water daily and pretty much eight out of ten humans are dehydrated, but I have a few qualms with it.
ooo you might be dehydrated but nice bod!
64 ounces of water, does not mean necessarily 64 ounces of H2O going down your throat.  Water is in many things you eat. Now it’s not necessarily an ample amount unless you’re over dosing on watermelons or cucumbers, but it averages out to about 8 ounces of water (give or take) consumed daily by things (for lack of a better word) other than straight H2O.

So, going by the law of averages (which really do not work in my book, but for this lets go with it) one only needs to consume 56 ounces or 7 - eight ounce glasses of water each day. If you flavor it than it doesn’t work, the additives require more fluid and enzymes to digest.

This picture makes me miss organic chemistry
I am busy. I really do not have the time or patience to be running to empty my bladder every twenty minutes. I have a big enough caboose therefor I have no need to make it appear bigger by wear Depends. Conveniece always trumps practicality in my book! I was great on car rides, I could hold it, which was a necessity since my father did not really stop unless he felt it was prudent.  Yes, I know its unhealthy, but that’s not my point.
I rarely drink sixteen ounces of water daily, let alone sixty four. I do not have a job where I can have a water bottle nearby and I rarely get thirsty, not to mention I hate having to stop everything and go to use the facilities. Yes, I think it’s a nuisance.  Crazy? Yeah, but that’s me.

I keep a water in my purse, car, near my bed etc.. but my actual consumption is limited. Though I have been trying to up my daily water intake. Why?

1.)  to better align my plumbing (TMI? maybe)

2.) to curb my incessant need to snack

3.) to help with my endurance (prolly not scientific but it works in my head)

4.) for a healthier diet

5.) I actually like water

6.)  Some other important reason that I cannot think of at the moment

I drink from limited water sources, sadly my job has shown me that most drinking water sources are NOT the safest (another post). With that said, I carry a water bottle with me everywhere, whether its bottled water or water in a water bottle. When I do not have it close, I crave it but when I have it there is some disconnect since there is limited consumption maybe, maybe eight ounces.


When I have water in my tumbler (BPA free) I seem to more drink more?!? I actually seem to chug it, not to mention finish it! I even refill it two or three times in ONE day! (ground breaking people HA) 20 ounce tumbler x 3 refills = sixty ounces!

Same Water
Same Routine
Different container!

My tumbler is my “cure” to not being one of those eight that are dehydrated. BEAT THAT INSURANCE COMPANY

I think it’s the weirdest thing. I personally dislike straws (but I use them in restaurants, cause I’m a germ-a-phob) so, that isn’t why my tumbler puts my water intake on steroids

Its just really funny/odd/interesting to me.

Yes, it increases my facility visits but that can be counter acted by Kegle exercises (HA)

It is another step involved in my water intake, but I have succumb to dumping my bottled water into my tumbler. Yes, I recycle. This extra step has made my daily water intake much closer to the daily recommended amount as well as made my liquid excretions resemble a nice pale blonde color.  

I know you really needed to know that! It’s my humor, take it or leave it. It makes me laugh, makes some others laugh and makes my mother cringe!



  1. Does 64 oz of Diet Coke count? Haha! Just kidding! I definitely need to drink more water. It's funny because I CRAVE it when I'm pregnant but after that I don't like it at all and have to make myself drink it.

    1. I tell that to myself some days! I'm addicted to carbonation, its bad! That's too funny though, I crave it periodically and other days it makes me sick my stomach. Its weird. HA....

      thank you. thank you. thank you for checking out my blog, I feel honored! I "stole" a few design ideas from your blog for my first home. I might have do a Bless Our Nest inspiration post. ThankS!