Brevity is NOT my strong point. In any sense of the word. I have a tendency to over explain any situation.  I have a slight romance with details, I love um. I try to limit my tangents but in my book they are NOT tangents and are important.  Passion is NOT bad thing. After all, other than God, I’m the author of my book.  It’s a struggle, for me and whomever is listening or conversing with me; though I am extremely punctual, organized and get really, really urked by tardiness.

Do you really think that this wouldn’t carry over to my blog! You’re not that foolish are you?

I do not and will not ever claim to be an expert. I might make claims that are backed by scientific evidence, BUT pretty much my opinions, my faith, and my methods are for me. Take it or leave it.

I’ve have spent way, way too much time trying to alter myself to fit a certain mold or be what I think someone else would want/desire.  I started this blog to carry on a lesson I learned from Miss Mallory Code, which includes excelling, if not excelling, trying your damned hardest. So, for this blog I am going to try my absolute hardest to be true to me and excel at being me with all MY quarks.

With all that said, here is your official warning :

My posts, more often than not, will resemble how I talk/think. My posts may or not make sense, may or may not have proper grammar, may or may not have a point, may or may not raise a few eyebrows and may or may be completely out of left field.  I can guarantee that sometimes my posts will involve explaining something to death, sometimes going off on a tangent, and pretty much always NOT short & sweet. (The only thing short about me is my height and I would say I’m a thousand times more sassy than sweet.)

Read at you own risk

Comment at you own risk

Agree at your own risk

Disagree at you own risk

 Most importantly whatever risk(s) you choose, DO IT WITH RESPECT

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