Why Random?

Why Random?… Why Missy Random as in Miss-E Random?

My first name is Erin & I am very random…. Thoughts just pop in my head, sometimes I share them & often times I get this from people.
Then when I try to explain what made me think of that, I get looks that resemble me after trying to read a map (Google Maps… Baby)
Things make sense in my head, they just might not in anyone else’s or I cannot properly relay my thought.
I was never called “missy” when I was in trouble growing up, more along the lines of young lady (ooo horrible memory) or my full name. But in general, “missy” can be used as a way to scold and say “hey, I’m serious, listen” Now I’m not seriously saying, “hey” you best listen, (after all YOU clicked on my blog, your choice) but I definitely have lots, tons, possibly too much to say. If you want, pay attention, I have a need to share something, though whatever I share may not relate to anything coherent now, (or ever for that matter)
Consequently, I’m random, hyper and I like wide range of things but HATE a quite a bit too. I’ll share my thoughts on both, along with my journey on trying to dance in the rain while living both a planned and unplanned life.

Miss-E Random is easier to fit in a my blog header than the dossier above