Friday, June 7, 2013

Mud Run Part 1

Wow, I really left you all hanging huh?

Now the tough decision, who would dumb enough to agree to do this with me? I gave it some thought and thought since I had not seen one of my best friends in what seemed like an eternity, I would ask her. After all she used to be a big cross country runner and she is used to my antics.

Well, Justine reluctantly agreed to come do the Dirty Girl Run and spend the weekend with yours truly (I swear she is actually is right in the head). She is on an awesome journey of weight loss and getting fit, plus she used to be a cross country runner… needless to say she agreed. I had been working with a trainer, not for running purposes but overall getting into shape purposes. It was funny in the beginning Justine was all about getting a good time and I was worrying about finishing. Well, life got in the way of training and we kind of switched rolls, I was trying to convince her we needed to finish in less than 30 minutes. (yeah, insane…. I know) I’m still thinking it’s a 5K just in a mud pit, no idea about the fact that obstacles were involved.

The week before the run, aka finals week for yours truly, I was trying to get Justine to back out! But we decided, why not? (it was more like I couldn’t get Justine to back out and I was too proud to say screw it)
So, she came up the night before and we headed to target to find matching outfits. She is trying to tell me all about the obstacles involved, yeah I was rather freaked out by this point. But we had already paid and what else would we do?

I was thinking tutus would be fun, but the one with common sense aka Justine reminded me it would just weigh us down. So, we practically decided on dri fit tees, running shorts and knee length argyle socks…. Plus running lollies, yep, lollies/bloomers whatever you call them. We needed an extra layer of protection because mud can get everywhere, ahem.
In addition, being the clean freak I am, we dug through the clearance sections to find towels, wash cloths and a shower curtain. Yes, a shower curtain aka a cheap version of a tarp to protect my car. Plus a pack of baby wipes… each. The towels we got were this ugly green color and the wash cloths were this tacky grey Hawaiian print.  I didn’t care too much because my thought was that it was all getting trashed because there was no way any of what was mud soaked was coming back into my house!

We packed up our bag and went to bed. It stunk! We needed to catch up more but we also had an 8:30 wave time…. Yeah I have no idea what I was thinking. Plus I was a little freaked about not being there 90 minutes prior to our wave time so needless to say we were up EARLY…. Blah