Friday, June 22, 2012

Birthday Part II

On my actual birthday I drove home to spend time with my family. My mom really wanted me to be home on my birthday to celebrate with them.  It was funny my parents had a thing going on in Syracuse and I was going to pick them up and go to my favorite restaurant, but my dad was being all coy and said no we’ll just meet at home. I was a bit ticked cause I really really was craving King David’s.  So, I stopped at Target then drove home, then it finally hit me, I am getting a special dinner at home! I was right! Four 7oz lobster tails were defrosting on the kitchen counter!

It was funny, this is the second time we have mis-cooked lobster. We went to cut into them and that lovely meat did not want to come out of that shell. We cut into them realizing only the outer parts were fully cooked. We ended up having to throw them back into the pot twice to cook. Luckily the meat was juicy, tender and delicious but not chewy or over cooked! We really lucked out cooking lobster is not the easiest.
My favorite way to eat lobster is to take it all the meat out and soak it in melted butter. Yes, the best way to spike my cholesterol!  It is hard but well worth it, to fully remove the meat and then let it soak up the buttery goodness. Meanwhile I hear how great it is from my parents. I enjoyed couscous, an awesome salad with strawberries & blue cheese and perfectly grilled zuchinni while my lobster “marinated”.

Being the birthday girl, I got TWO seven ounce lobster tails! Yes, possibly the best gift ever. YUM!

We toasted with wine and it was a great reminder that I get another year to spend with my awesome family.

I was never a big fan of cake. I really only like the frosting, and end up just the cake that is touching the frosting but leaving the rest. So, mom called and asked what I wanted a few days prior, I picked brownies!!! Not the apple sauce low fat kind or fiber filled black bean kind. Neither are bad but its hard with those receipes to get a fudgey, light gooey brownie.

Needless to say mom did good with Duncan Hines Triple Fudge Brownies®. Sweet, but very corny my parents stuck a candle in my brownie and “sang” happy birthday. I even made a wish (I think?). 

I was good by only eating one AND not adding ice cream to my plate.

Though I was home for a few days after my birthday and I almost single-handedly (or single mouthedly)  finished those lovely birthday brownies!

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