Thursday, June 21, 2012

Birthday Part I

Since my posts will rarely ever be short & sweet, I do this in parts.  This was maybe the best birthday in a good 10-15 years all around with friends and family.  So great that it started a few days early and ended a few days late!

My self-proclaimed birthday celebration pretty much could not have been better.  The week prior to my birthday I texted a group of friends proclaiming I wanted them to help me celebrate my birthday and to tell me which day worked best for them.  Thursday (14th) was the best date for everyone (which with our schedules is quite impressive w/ such short notice).  After we agreed on a date, I had to figure out where.  Problem!!!  

So, I texted Kathleen asking what should we do.  She said whatever you want; tell them date, time and where to show up!  I asked her for ideas & she said whatever you want.  She tried to fish ideas, (i.e.. type of food, atmosphere, etc.) out of me while I kept giving her vague answers!  (I hate when people do that to me)

I wanted her to decide where, I didn’t care!  But she said your day, you decide. So, I did, decided on Smiler’s a place with decent food and excellent martini’s…  So, Smiler’s on the 14th at 7:00pm Be There or Be Square.

Being late makes my skin crawl so I showed up about 8-10 minutes early.  But I didn’t walk in!  So, I texted Kathleen saying not to rush but I was here just waiting outside and she responded saying we’re inside waiting!  I’m such a goon I didn’t want to go in alone.  HA.  Feeling a bit silly, I walked in meeting Kathleen and Karthika at a table they had gotten for us.  It was too funny and another indication of my nonsense neurosis.

After we all sat down, we caught up on everyone’s lives.  It took the waitress coming back four times before we finally shut up for five minutes to look at the menus and decide what we wanted.  The food was awesome and was NOT logged into my fitness pal.  Not to mention my fabulous ex-boyfriend martini (raspberry vodka, peach schnapps, ginger ale & lime) YUM!

It was a blast catching up on our lives and enjoying each other’s company (wow, I sound old).  We laughed a ton and they even surprised me with gifts.  Totally a shock and really really sweet.

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