Saturday, June 30, 2012

Soapbox Saturday


I turned on my computer Thursday morning, clicked a link & bawled.  (yes, people I’m a crier)  Why?

Ann Curry is no longer going to be a part of my mornings.  Yes, I loved her.  She styles, her talent, her gumption, her heart.  Regardless of the corporate nonsense surrounding her “reassignment,” Ann Curry really knew why we turned on the news.  Yes, it was it to get catch up on local events but also share the world’s stories minus all the hype.

News lately has really pissed me off (sorry).  How is it that news programs have turned into entertainment gossip programs?  No longer is it a report about what’s going on in the world mixed in with life pieces.  How can we have hope in our country/economy when more people know how many days Kim Kardashian’s latest marriage lasted than the five leading causes of death in our country?  It’s almost as each generation passes out country get stupider.

Which is a complete insult to me and all working to better themselves through education, training, working, any type of learning.  Yes, there are major breakthrough‘s that have saved and better lives, but as a society, this is how we say thank you?  We spend more money on healthcare and education than any other country but we do not even make the top ten in aptitude tests or healthiest populations.  It’s a bit pathetic.

Anyways, Ann Curry knew that there was more to reporting than who designed Catherine Middleton’s wedding dress.  Yes, there is a popularity element in journalism but you could tell the passion Ann Curry exuded when she was reporting about what really matters, not to mention a love for life.

She was curious, asked the hard questions but also asked the uncommon ones, because she wanted to know.  I loved her two cents she added to the nonsense newscasts because she was as bored as we were, no wonder ratings dropped.  Oddly enough, there was a slight ratings hike when Matt Lauer had his bike accident with a deer….interesting.

I cannot believe her class.  She got a weak measly good bye from her cohosts.  Four minutes, really NBC.  She apologized to America, for what showing the world what actual journalism is?  So Ann you’re dead wrong the failure was on NBC.  Um….  NBC you failed in reminding America of her accomplishments, and keeping journalism in your morning talk show.

As a viewer, I would have liked to have SEEN highlights of the daring reports about which there was the briefest of mentions at the end of the show. A show that spectacularly covers breaking news surely could have put together a tribute, even if the decision to announce her departure was hastily made.

Replacing Ann Curry was a colossal mistake, NBC! Not to mention the lack of tact you went about handling the forced replacement. My heart hurt for Ann. Yes she got 10 million dollars from NBC covering their butts but NBC crushed her spirits and no money can “cure” that. She appeared truly wounded and genuinely hurt as she stared dolefully at her lap as her soon-to-be-former cohosts mentioned their "favorite Ann moments."

I will miss you as a daily part of my morning Ann Curry!

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