Saturday, June 9, 2012

Once off, now back ON

I fell.

I fell hard.
I fell hard off the wagon.
Life had some changes I was neither expecting nor prepared for. I’m a bit like a baby, schedules, plans and consistency work well for me and when new things or there is an unexpected change, I get all messed up, unsettled and occasionally cry. It takes time for me to adjust. Change and I have a guarded relationship. My terms people, my terms. (control freak? um… yep!). When everything got turned upside down as life occasionally does, I may have freaked a bit. 

Lots and lots and lots of change = Erin implodes. 

I was good the first week or so on sticking with two shakes a day with my Body by Vi® 90 Day Challenge and under my daily recommended amount of calories. There were a few days where I threw myself a pity party and indulged in some high calorie euphoric inducing snacks, but relatively stayed on track. Then I got violently ill, my stomach decided it no longer wanted to be inside my body.  When I finally started feeling better, things were still out of sorts and I had not yet accepted it, let alone adjusted. I gave up on the Body by Vi® 90 Day Challenge . I figured as crazy and unknown as things were, at least I could eat what I wanted, when I wanted.

This lasted maybe(?) about a week and half. Then I happened to step on the scale. I gained it ALL back plus some! It was the best news I had gotten in a while (NOT). I was mad at myself, I shedded a few tears, which I swear made that scale increase a few ounces. I SWEAR. I realized that staying mad and resistant to my new reality was just going to make a certain number bigger and bigger. (light bulb people!)

I resumed my challenge.

 Its been hot here. Not just hot but humid. Not a mix that I gel well with. Plus the grocery stores are offer huge sales on frozen novelties to help beat the heat. Not nice mother nature! Not nice grocery stores!
Evil. Pure evil preying on people who are trying to get back in shape while attempting to survive in the suffocating humidity mother nature is blessing us with!

Two things calling screaming my name are:
OF COURSE I bought them
(don’t judge)
sometimes ice cream is the only sufficient defense against humidity! 

 Plus they were on sale! 
 BUT WAIT!!!! 
I got a challenge friendly Solution:
yes, completely serious, I don't joke about humidity blasters

Indulge with my Body by Vi® Shakes 

This genius idea came from none other than the lovely, talentedly, fabulous miss á la mode

My Dark Chocolate Covered Banana Body by Vi® Shake 
(minus the popsicle stick)
Add a few ice cubes and you get the perfect humidity blasting indulgence.

Not just a snack but a meal..... YUM

I simply (and safely) cut the lovely banana pop off the popsicle stick, added 8oz of skim milk and two scoops! 

A great kick start to my resumed Body by Vi® Challenge.

I'm doing the Shape Plan
Get three friends & do it for free!!!!

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