Friday, March 16, 2012

Here Goes... you can join me too

Ok.... um I have had a semi-recent addition to my life & needless to say it’s very unwelcome!

(ok.... big gulp this is me now)

(here's some back-story)

I always been petite, and played sports throughout grammar school & college. I finished my bachelor's and entered full time grad school with full time work.... HELLO NO LIFE

well working 65 hours+ a week plus grad school, welcome, work-world-25... (kinda like the freshmen fifteen)..... I'm petite it looks awful & even makes showering uncomfortable. It sucks cause it shows everywhere, my face is puffy plus acne decided to show up again! Plus I'm 5'1 so it shows!! My wardrobe rarely fits, what does, I look like a 50 year old amish lady!  (not that anything is wrong with being amish)

(a few years ago prior to the new addition)

I snacked, binged, ate anything in site, just crappy face stuffing.... plus I love food, (Hello! I'm Italian) plus not being active and of course overwhelmed and stressed, clothes fitting tighter AND lovely rolls flowing over the tops of my pants, lumps hanging down past my swim suit & my thighs touching when I walk/sleep.  It’s just not welcomed, BUT I get stuck.  I love food, get upset, eat more then get even more upset. Ughhh!

Did I mention I am a point in my life, where I'm not sure what's right? I feel overwhelmed! Life has different plans than I did. HA!  Not exactly, what I wanted nor choice #5 but hopefully I can reach my dreams this way (right?)

I honestly do not know where to find time to work out, plus, I'm in an area with limited connections and food has become a closer & closer friend. (working out at a gym freaks me out, it’s a mind game I lose over & over & over again) plus I get home from work/school I’m tired I want to do nothing… oh yeah I tried work out videos but they are though when I’m not coordinated, I look like a spazzing monkey, not to mention no dvd player & WAY TOO SMALL computer screen

I mentioned I was a tad lonely? oh no I didn't, if you didn't get that from my post thus far, I am.

So, I know there are other things I need to work on, but I figured I can start with the “whole food is my bff” thing first. I wanna replace my food bff with a real person & maybe just maybe find me a man!

(see.... aren't I dazzling?...HA)

I'm not good with consistency, What.So.Ever.

I like dreaming & I read blogs getting joy from their news & triumphs. Yeah I said that and I know I’m pathetic but it’s on the list for the therapist. HA

Introducing my friend (I hope she’s ok w/ me calling her that) Miss a’la mode
I read her blog & love it… plus got some pretty sweet decorating ideas from it, I’ll share soon

I read post THIS post

I cried, no bawled. (yeah I’m a crier, was nicked-named puddle in my past, I cry. Prolly too often or too quickly and when I mad/pissed/sad/stressed but we’ll add it to the list)

It spoke to me… like clouds parting & angels singing.

Maybe because I want to her be my bff or maybe because she’s 1000% real or maybe because I believed her or maybe I’ll never know what “it” was


I decided I loved love love smoothies/shakes and I needed my rolls & sags to go away
So, I started the 90-day challenge, 
(and cause I wanted to feel a part of something)


Side note: I’m a chemist and highly highly skeptical, I get entranced with infomercials but then go and do my own research and realize how damn good marketing these people/companies con artists have

Well I got shake mix in the mail; I started with the Basic pkg, because um $100 a month sounded like a ton of money. I did major research, plus a few tests.

This stuff is legit, plus it does not give me the runs!!!

A 90-day nutrition challenge. Why? Because its real and not crap… that is backed by legit science not marketing or celebrities or pretty packaging. On top of it all, it WONT over work your kidneys due to protein over doses (I’ll get back on that soapbox another day)!

Heck, I switched from my Basic pkg to the Shape pkg in 4 days!!! It’s a deal, I spent a fraction in groceries in the past two weeks, than what I’m used to. I’m saving money & losing weight!!!

These shakes are damn good; the mix smells like cake mix, tastes like sweet cream.

The best part? You can make whatever type shake you want! I love variety and have been on this challenge for two weeks and have had over 25 different shakes. Add fruit, ice cream, juice, yogurt, chocolate, peanut butter & tons, tons, tons more

I love it and I hate diets, yeah I’ve cheated but I’m down both in the lbs. & inches!!

Join me
Join me
Join me

Ok, I lied… the best best best bestest part?

Support, I have not smiled, laughed or cried (happy tears) this much since maybe childhood. The support through our facebook group is awesome. I feel like a kid at Christmas, people say “hi”… “this is how I’m doing” “did you try this awesome shake” and “hey, you cheated who cares, new day”
I can’t wait to get on my computer to give some extra support to other challengers but even more, get some for me. I do not even know ANY of these people in my real/non-internet life but they support me! BY CHOICE. It’s awesome and cheaper than therapy.

Come on, you know you want too

*** it fits in my budget & mine is smaller than the width of a dollar bill

Join me, ask questions & enjoy feeling better

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  1. Hey Erin! I joined the challenge too & love all of your motivation in the facebook group. My husband & I have started thanks to Shelli - only 2 days in on 1 a day for now, but I'm really loving these shakes! Can't wait to read your journey - I'm kind of blogging about mine, though I haven't much yet since we just started :)