Sunday, March 18, 2012


Start #4…. Hoping it’s the last…. Hey, I’m doing better than the first three tries.

Regardless of what I post, this blog was to show me and try to live on Miss Mallory’s message. Yes, I’ll forget, there will be fluff, nonsense and complaining but there will also be hard core truth, bare naked (figuratively speaking) me, putting myself out there. It’s a step towards self-acceptance which leads to so much more.

It’s ironic though, look at my first few blog posts, I was at different points in my life, but the message was the same. Learning to dance in the rain. I’ve gotten better and worse in a myriad of ways, but I’m still me. It’s just funny to me. As humans we can change….RIGHT??


Below is a little video about Mal…

Ummm…. Pretty.Fricken.Awesome.

or this is pretty sweet too

Whatever I face, I can get there…. Feeling blue? Watch this, you’ll feel a bit better.

One extra bit…. See bled Orange too just for the wrong team! HA. She’s Gator! (the only Gator I will ever support) But she knew her stuff & could rattle off stats and rag on other teams like nobody’s business.

Mal, I hope this blog carries on your message or at least makes a person, stop, think, laugh or remember what they have is so much. (Including me…. Yeah I’m guilty)

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