Friday, March 23, 2012

calorie counting.....FAIL

Having a degree in physics & chemistry one would think I can do simple math, since quantum physics actually makes sense to me…. but I’m having trouble, can anyone help me?

1204, 2024, 1288, and 1449….
Are all over 1200 and my calorie intake is supposed to be at or lower than 1200

I have lost four pounds in 2.5 weeks but I’m kinda having nightmares about weigh in this coming Monday! I’m not ready to see a zero or a positive number when I compare my weights…… (yes, I catastrophize, and no I still haven’t taken my measurements, I know, I know!)

The shakes are great, and I’m good between the hours of wake-up and 7pm, which is one HUGE help…..

After 7:00pm….. NOT….. SO….. MUCH

Bewitching hours beings about 1-2hrs after dinner, I have been staying later at work to avoid extra time at home to avoid indulging my munching urge. 

pathetic? YEP, but I know, I know.

The shakes work great, but my dinner does not satiate me and I WANT MORE! But, I'm NOT ok over dosing on protein. (almond are great but HIGH in calories & protein) Oh I tried breakfast & dinner shake, w/ a healthy lunch but…… that was a huge mess & I don’t have time to pack a lunch or let alone sit down and eat it at work, plus I still struggle around 7:00pm

Needless to say, I hate after dinner time till bed time.

Not to mention this heat! We have air conditioning (@work) but with all the machines & analyses being ran, it’s still a temperature battle leaving the lab between 75-80 degrees AND in lab appropriate clothing….. (plus my boss doesn’t like having the air on in the month of March) = HOT, MUGGY, HUMID.... yuck!

I’m sweating worse than a sumo wrestler in a sauna, from the moment I get into work till when I leave……..

I leave work, two pounds lighter but go to bed 5 pounds heavier because

1.)      I’m so icky I get home, drink tons of water, but you know when you are hungry and you need food? (not to mention 5-10 powder room visits…….. So, being all hot & yucky & hungry I go on to ice cream or quick snacks.
2.)    I’m so icky I’m on my way to class & stop at McDonald’s® for a chocolate milkshake just for the feeling of cooling down….. I cannot do 3 shakes a day, I need food, too!

Needless to say, this whole calorie counting part is kind of kicking my butt! Please tell me I'm not in the same boat? Vi-Trim works great in my lunch shake, but the issue is after I eat dinner, I want more and its just builds & builds. I cannot get my stomach to "feel" what I just ate 30 minutes ago.

Any Suggestions....???

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  1. Maybe try more filling dinner options that stay within calorie count? Also - we go to the gym from 6:30/7-8. Yes we eat a late-ish dinner around 8:30, but that's it for the night so I'm in the gym when I typically was snacking. I'll try to think of other things that could help ..