Saturday, March 17, 2012

Big Lots Score

So, I’m not sure if anyone was aware or not but furniture is expensive! Heck even the crap is expensive. I moved into my house with nothing. notta. zero. I bought a bed, dresser, couch, and few random furniture pieces from a friend but it was college apartment furniture. Not exactly, the vision I had for my first place.

Décor is hard, on a champagne taste with a beer milk budget. I want it to look good, not Holly Hobbie. (Though I do have a set of original Holly Hobbie sheets)

So, I go shopping, get ideas, then get upset that I cannot afford it, and then take my ideas to thrift stores, craig’s list, garage sales & store sales to try and SOMETHING close.

So, one day at big lots I found this….

The perfect color red.
The amazing quatrefoil lattice design.
Classic vintage knob……..


 I see the Tag hanging on the knob said $149… still out of my budget. Left with just a picture…

Well everytime I went to big lots, I visited “my” pretty table knowing ot would fit perfect in the corner of my office. Meanwhile searching to find something close….Few months pass, I’m looking for a craft table, for my craft nook. Happen to look in Big Lots furinature section…. And I see my table!!!!!

 But… Its missing the classic vintage knob??
Not sturdy anymore?
Two holes?
What happened?

(I**** Insert awesome thought)
Damaged goods = major discount.
Go ask for a price, salesman says $65…. Ahhh no, maybe in prestine condition maybe if it was real wood, maybe if etc..

I argue, he says, $50
I’m interested, I saw $35 & Its gone
He calls the manager, I smile a flirty smile and I we convince him its in crappy condition, unsellable, he should cut his losses…. Quite for a minute…. Then the salsman, says you cannot return it.
ummm duh? I want it, I’ve dreamed about it.
Smile a bit bigger, bat a few eyelashes…. Yeah pathetic I know… but my table!!!
SOLD for $35

I bring it home & with some glue, spackle, joint compound, sand paper and a bit of cardboard, I got to work

Stay tuned…..

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  1. Hey Erin! I am in Shelli's Body by Vi group as well :) AWESOME deal at Big Lots!!! I am all about thrifting!!!! Good luck!!!!