Saturday, March 17, 2012

Its all about the Benjamin's or in my case Lincoln's

Ok, so….
yay shakes,
join me,
blah blah blah, (get off your soapbox Erin)
But I’m not just saying these things,
they are legit.

When I first read Shelli’s post, I was hooked by her story, it wasn't a sales pitch, heck, this post said, “it’s just my reality and I’m sharing it.”
….. then I clicked the site and saw the price! Um… $249 a month?!?! ouch
I scrolled down and saw the Basic Package, a shake a day for 1 month for $50. Since I like facts, I’ll put it this way, thirty meals for less than $2.00 a day. Plus I get to pick what type/flavor of shake I want.

(OK on to the PROOF)
My father is pretty amazing with coupons, not an extreme couponer and definitely does not have a stock pile in what’s supposed to be bed room BUT he hasn't paid for tooth paste in years & he is brand name guy. Rebates & Coupons are his friend.

I could be better at couponing, the closest I get is getting my 5¢ off my purchase for using my reusable shopping bags, (which I use because it’s easier to get groceries from my car to kitchen, not because I save $$$)

My point is, that he buys what he wants but is smart about it, waits for sales, clips coupons, does price comparisons. He buys brand name, sometimes-pricier products but he does NOT pay anywhere near retail.

So, why is my weekly grocery bill larger? (Minus the fact, I’m impulsive, shop hungry and impatient.) It’s because I shop for what I want, I’ll look at prices after I decided I’m getting that item. I never have an idea of what I’m spending until I get to the register. Rarely do I put things back.

Not to mention about a fifth of what I buy goes bad before I get around to cooking it/eating it.
(I’m a person of convenience, bad for my budget great for saving time) Oh I don’t need any lectures on how I grocery shop or spend money I’m well aware of what needs work, there on the list, just farther down… priorities people!

Weekly shopping trip BEFORE I started the 90 day challenge.
I bought veggies and fruits (both fresh, canned & frozen), juice, milk, yogurt, pretzels, chips, soup, chicken, cookies, cheese….. and a few other things.
My total $77.68 with a few items on sale

Weekly shopping trip AFTER I began the 90 day challenge
I bought fruit (fresh & frozen), juice, milk, veggies, yogurt, pretzels, chips, ice cream, brownie mix (a few cheat items) ….and a few other things
My total $42.13 with a few items on sale

DISCLAIMER: Yes, I know I didn’t by the same stuff at the same store different days, but there is a point, look past some of the logistics.
That is a savings of $40 a month!!!
Not to mention what I’m saving in prep time & in calorie counts. Plus, I’m not always wanting to munch, so I’m saving even more money because my snacks last longer!

So after my 90 day challenge, I will have an extra tank of gas or a few cocktails for FREE!..... yeah that fits quite nicely in my budget!

I started with the cheapest package, because I saw a permanent hold on the withdrawal button from my checking account….. but after trying it, a bit of a larger desire to fit in and the convenience factor, I upgraded to the second cheapest plan they offer, without paying for extra supplements.
I am seeing results on their one of their cheaper plans!!!
Oh yeah, I love what I’m eating, because I pick what I want. It really does not feel “diet-ie” to me & yeah I’ve skipped shakes and gone off my “plan” but I’m still down in pounds & inches.

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