Saturday, March 17, 2012

I can see again!!

My ORANGE that is….

Syracuse boys have returned!!! from their pathetic playing over the past few weeks

Syracuse 75 Kanas State 59

Welcome to the Sweet Sixteen BABY!!!

UM…. How are y’all’s brackets doing now….. small recap below


Thank you for shooting, its been awhile
Not the best boys, you still need to prove why you were #1 for those 6 weeks BUT you played with your heads, it looked like basketball…. Congratulations!!! Don’t let it go to your head
Waiters, was that three 3 pointers in a row… yes it was!
Now I’m short, but wow did you see that block in the second half by Southerland…. Oh being 6’8 must rock!
Hello defense (in the second half) Kanas could not block Syracuse it was kind of epic.
Plus, I got a few giggles out of Frank Martin’s hissy fits
Um…. Frank Martin said it best
 "We give Syracuse credit rather than fault our guys, They attacked us. They're not 35-2, or whatever they are, because they kind of fooled people. You know, they're good." – Frank Martin, Kanas State head coach

Oh & nay sayers, Melo is great but he’s not the whole team! But Kanas was missing their golden player as well.

So, you can color the sweet 16 ORANGE

Now, let’s see Ohio State leave too… Gonzaga you’re playing smart… keep it up 

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