Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Heat & Erin DO NOT MIX

I do NOT like being hot. I do like sports and being active, but sweating and being hot is NOT something I enjoy. It’s not just a preference thing either, my body doesn’t do well with it. I get dizzy and nauseous.

I never liked it. When I was a baby, my mom brought me to the doctors for some reason (prolly because I was a fussy baby who wasn’t really fond of the whole sleeping concept) and the doctor recommended that an air conditioner be put in my bedroom. I think my parents instantly gained AT LEAST four or five more hours of sleep a night after that.

So, ever since that summer. I have had an air conditioner in my bedroom (our house it too old for central air, it would have been quadruple the price after re-insulating and all that other nonsense). Growing up I spent every day in the summer either inside with air conditioning or in a pool. Even in 55 degree water!

I cannot survive humidity ridden summers without air conditioning. I can barely cope with getting in my car after it’s been baking in the sun. It’s a prescription for an instant headache. The last few days with a dew point in the seventies has been killer.

My hair doesn’t even like it. I get this halo of frizz the minute any ounce of humidity is in the air.
I know its frizz and not a sign from above. I am by no means an angel, therefore I will NEVER have a halo floating above my head indicating the utmost beauty, purity or kindness.

The halo kind of looks like all my baby hairs got electrocuted. The best part is that the more humid it gets, the more my hair frizzes or curls in the most sporadic directions. It may have been cute when I was four, but now it just makes me look crazier than I already am.

Not the best example, I know
ignore my lovely expression & complection

My camera is oddly enough being forgiving, its much worse in person, 

It cannot even be contained in a ponytail!!!!

Only solution = get away from the humidity, 

yeah, um hair products are not a match for humidity and my curly, frizzy locks. All they do is weigh it down or make it greasy. I have tried tons & tons of them.

My feet get hot and socks are NOT my friend, except maybe, maybe while playing tennis (two pairs = a bit of extra cushioning & spring in my step) Honestly, if I could, I would be bare foot 24/7. 
(it’s a struggle being a scientist & closed toed shoes are mandatory)

I have always been like that. I was just a “hot” kid. I was in daycare the year the state decided (for fire safety reasons) that shoes had to stay on during nap time. It was torture! In elementary school my mom would send me to school with socks on, but the minute I got on the bus (or out of her sight) I took them off, even in the dead of winter. 

ahhhhh (as in this is great)
I do not remember the exact details, but my teacher once tried to discuss season appropriate foot wear with my parents. My mom told my teacher that “I send her to school every day in appropriate footwear, look in her backpack, you’ll find a few pairs of socks and possibly her sneakers.”

I have always been hot and hated being bundled up, under the covers or wear clingy material. Velvet and flannel are OUT OF THE QUESTION. I still wear shorts and a tank top to bed, even in the winter and rarely am under any covers other than a sheet. I don't even like the heat on in my car in the winter. I turn it on to get the chill out of the car, but then I either turn it off or way, way down low.

If I could or if it was socially acceptable, my every day uniform would be an over sized tee shirt and a pair of undies. NOTHING ELSE

The funniest thing? All the females on my mom's side are always cold, ALWAYS. My mom has low blood pressure where I have high blood pressure. 

Again I'm the outliar/oddball 
(this is news to NO ONE)

This past few weeks have been HOT and HUMID. Add in the excessive rain we have been getting and its just been muggy and stuffy. The air seems heavy and that my lungs are working extra hard from breathing in the muggy air. We are even going to mention the amout my frizz halo has expanded. But here's a visual from FRIENDS when Monica went to Barbados

Yes, it gets THAT bad & I have a weird shaped head so braids are out of the question. Plus I would get stuck five minutes after they were put in. (confused? watch the episode)

Therefore, I'm trapped in the two rooms in my house that have air conditioning. To escape the "trapped" feeling I go shopping or window shopping for a change of scenery without a change in temperature. 

So hot or cold?

Which do you favor or which does your hair/body favor?

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