Thursday, July 12, 2012

This is why I LOVE this challenge!

I have not gone grocery shopping since I got back from New York. I went to make a shake & my milk had the consistency of syrup. FAIL. Then I grabbed my cranberry juice my cranberry juice was frozen in my fridge. BOOO. I like using cold liquid in my shakes, so water was out too. I found apple juice in my fridge, it just wasn’t the low calorie kind. I was getting a bit discouraged and wanted to just eat a donut for breakfast.
But after being in New York, I needed to have a shake, NOT a donut. I pushed myself to find a few things to make a shake. I figured 8oz of 100% apple juice wouldn’t kill me, but I didn’t have anything to add to my shake. It felt like I was hitting dead end after dead end. I decided to search the tundra, empty my freezer to find a healthy, non-ice cream novelty to add to my shake. I found a bag of bananas I froze a few weeks ago! I was thinking it might taste a bit bland so I added (for the first time) the Shape-Up Health Flavor Mix-In: Banana Energy Charge.
There is just so much variety in this challenge that I never feel deprived. It takes less work than preparing meals, plus its healthier and cheaper! I started this morning, discouraged that I really didn’t have my shake basics, but after a little digging and thought I might have even found a new favorite.
I love the flavor of bananas but sometimes its flavor is masked by other things I add to a shake. I love that I found another shake recipe that allows the banana to be the main flavor of the shake.
I have found my favorite shake recipes on days I am just frustrated, want to give up but find a little strength, use some creativity and search my freezer/kitchen for healthier ingredients I can add to my shakes! (trust me I have tons of things I could add to my shakes but it would kill the entire challenge, getting fit concept, not to mention more calories than two donuts, that’s another challenge all in itself)
2 scoops of Body by Vi Protein Shake Mix
8oz of Minute Maid 100% apple juice
1 banana
1 Shape-Up Health Flavor Mix-In Banana Energy Charge
4 ice cubes 

Wanna join???
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*** I have noticed if you individually wrap bananas in saran wrap, then put them in a zip lock freezer bag, they will last in your freezer , maintain their flavor, and not get brown or slimy.

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