Saturday, July 14, 2012

Summer Staples


I love actual, original s’mores with the fire-roasted marshmallow.  All the s’mores flavored items & stuff you can buy in stores are garbage (in my opinion).
You need a real fire with some flaming coals, not a candle or torch.  I am not master at roasting marshmallows & I have limited patience holding the marshmallow in the right spot not too close to the flames, to roast but not burn.  The lactic acid build up is killer!  Though I’m not a fan of a black crust on my marshmallow!
 Oh top of a nice golden marshmallow, I need the inside of the marshmallow to be warm, almost melted!  It stinks biting into a golden marshmallow that is cold in the middle.  It’s tricky!
Not to mention we use sticks & they are not straight so rotating them, while staying in the same spot is not easy.  My cousin just sticks his marshmallow in the fire, they light on fire, burn to a crisp & then he blows out the flames.  Not my cup of tea!
Though thanks to Pinterest & my cousin (she could give Martha a run for her money) I found new toppings to add to my real s’mores.
Amanda’s bar included, jumbo marshmallow, marshmallows, strawberry marshmallows, graham crackers, Hershey’s chocolate, pretzels, multiple kinds of nuts, peanut butter, nutella, hot fudge, sprinkles, fluff and I think fruit too!  It was pretty awesome.
My “gourmet” s’more the staple Hershey’s chocolate, graham cracker plus peanut butter, fudge and pretzels…. YUM

So, however you top your s’more; make sure you start with a fire-roasted marshmallow!

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