Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cayuga Lake Wineries

It is a staple that the Saturday after the fourth is our family picnic/reunion.  It’s my mom’s side of the family and my dad has deemed it “the Moran family invasion.”  (which explains my blogging break)

To prep for the invasion, my cousins and brother visiting from California left early Thursday morning to hit up Cayuga Lake and did some wine tasting! We started with a car swap, parents in one car, and cousins in the other.  After getting lost following the parents, we pulled over at an abandoned factory that looked like it belonged in Silence of the Lambs, looked at the map, typed it into our car’s gps & went on our way!
There is no rhyme or reason to my wine likes.  I love semi dry sparkling wines, dry Rieslings and dry, dry reds.
Knapp Winery

We got a list to select from with cool monogrammed Knapp Winery golf pencils & then started tasting!
When we walked out, there was a little pond known as Knapp Lake.  There was a caution sign for the depth of the lake but there should have been a caution sign about the webbed feet, feathered covered waterfowls.
My brother, decided to walk up to the lake for further inspection, the waterfowls did not move, even when he got closer.  So, we decided to check out the lake too and grab some group pics. 

Then in all his wisdom decided to throw rocks, sticks, or something at the feathered group.  Well, all of a sudden, they started quacking and squawking; they lined up and started charging us!  Those suckers were fast!  We all ran down the hill and my mom screamed, “Kevin if I get bit I will kill you.”  It was hysterical, but all of us ran fast down that hill.  Luckily, they stopped at the top of the hill.  You don’t mess with the webbed feet, feather covered creatures that reside at Knapp Lake!

Cobblestone Farm Winery was our next stop.  In my opinion, the best type of winery for wine tasting!  They had all these samples of dips, salsa and spreads with tons of snacks to dip into them!  I didn’t taste wine at this one, but definitely filled my stomach!  YUM. 
Goose Watch Winery, well as we pulled up in the middle of the grape vines was this huge goose!  I guess it’s the same idea of a scarecrow. Cute winery, no favorites though.  I shared my tasting, I had one, my dad(?) had the rest!
Lunch, we were going to eat on the Thirsty Owl’s deck overlooking the lake but it was 30 minutes for a table and we were hungry!  We went to this little mom and pop creamery, Cayuga Lake Creamery.  It was old fashioned and cute with framed old maps and pictures with chalkboard menus!  
We went back to the Thirsty Owl for some tasting!  My cousins are twins and the wine girl couldn’t believe it because their hair was different!  We think she might have been tasting the wine herself!  This winery seemed a bit more refined.  The vineyard is right on the lake, surrounded by tons of grape vines with the winery having huge windows looking out on the lake.  They even had “fancy croutons” they were these squared, puffed crackers to cleanse your pallet.  I split this one with mom. They really possessed an air of elegance.  (minus our wine girl, hehe)

Hosmer Winery had the best initial impression.  A windy drive way surrounded by acres of grape vines, with the lake in the background.  There were even people out tending to the vines as we pulled up. Many of their wines were metal winners & I found a favorite Riesling.  Plus a great photo-op location.
We stopped at Lucas Winery.  They are known for their sweeter wines, totally up my aunt’s ally but not mine.  Though I got a free poster there that I may frame and put up in my kitchen!  I decided to skip out, walk the grounds, and take pictures.
It was great that all the winery’s let us share/split our tastings.  Sometimes I had no desire to try more than two or three wines, plus 5-6 tastings at each winery can add up! It was surprising to know that quite a few wineries actually use the grapes they grow to make the wines they sell.  Other wineries in the Finger Lakes outsource their grapes. 
We were exhausted by the end of the day, my dad was done but I think my aunt and uncle would have done seven more!  California wineries a bit pricier!  It was an awesome preparation for the upcoming family invasion. I’m kidding we love our family and this weekend we all look forward to.

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