Tuesday, March 12, 2013

really? A nine month lapse

Well, consistency was never my strong point….. HA

How is it possible that I took a nine month hiatus? It seems insane to me, not to mention I can’t tell you how many draft posts I have, but either do not know how to finish them or just don’t get around to finishing them or something gets in the way. Not to mention the endless desire to start blogging consistently again. (Even if this blog has zero readers!) I guess that is life. With that said I decided I would do a three part mini-recap of what’s been going on since July… ugh July was my last post!?! Really?? Why does July seem like forever ago?

This re-cap will be done in 3 parts since I have a tendency to have looongggg wordy posts, but stay tuned, I got tons to share!!!

Yes, I said mini re-cap…. keep in mind mini is a relative term.

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