Friday, March 29, 2013

Final part of the catch up

So, I was thinking of this sweet eloquent way to finish off my catch up from January until, now, but this is reality. There wasn’t much going on to really delve into. So, here is a simple extremely generic finishing summary. aka… not the way I like to blog, but it works

My dad continued healing and going to cardiac rehab, his doctor was happy with how everything turned out. I think he liked cardiac rehab because he was the youngest guy there by about 20 years, or at least he looked like it. Since he was overall healthy prior to surgery, he made huge strides in rehab and did really well.  So, how we just need to make sure he keeps up with exercising and possibly eating a tad healthier! I think mom is more thrilled than anyone!

My brother FINALLY got engaged! Poor Carrie had been waiting for a loonnnggg time. I give her props, I doubt I would have waited that long. He always said he saw himself with Carrie for the rest of his life, but marriage seemed so permanent. Men! We spent a good 2-3 years asking when but any time we brought it up he would just get mad. She was definitely the “one” but I guess the idea of being married made him feel old. I have no idea, needless to say, I don’t understand him what-so-ever. It was really cool how they told my parents too, we had all just gotten iPhones. So, Kevin decided to face time them, he was just talking and showing them the beach, bragging a bit since they are in snowy upstate NY. He was panning the beach and then Carrie’s hand popped in with her ring on! Ahhhhh, it took them a minute but then mom screamed! Of course, she cried and best of all Carrie was totally shocked!  They called me and of course, I screamed and cried. Sooo excited! She makes him a better Kevin and they make each other happy. 

 photo IMG_4721.jpg

 photo Engagement.jpg

I went to see my sweet cousins twice, ughh. They are growing soo fast and its hard living so far away! Here are a few of the bazillion pictures I took.

 photo DSC_0083.jpg

 photo 029.jpg

 photo DSC_0005.jpg

 photo photo.jpg
 photo 4bc409a7-5a61-46ac-9872-21b25d9d49fa.jpg

 photo IMG_7279.jpg

Other than that, January-March consisted of work, grad classes and writing my thesis. If you want more specifics email me, but now you’re all officially caught up and I will hopefully be blogging on a more consistent basis!

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