Wednesday, March 13, 2013

re-cap part 1

August was spent playing paparazzi, suffocating my cousin in kisses, playing legos and trying to be taught star wars by a 4 year old; all while living between two different states.
September was simply survival mode. Ughh my hardest semester yet, seriously grad school kicked my bootie this semester! I could NOT believe how hard it was so soon into the semester. Yes harder than quantum physics and organic chemistry. Not to mention How is it that I was able to handle 21 credits with relative ease but I struggled to keep my head above water this semester with my 12 credits. I’m sure who/what I am more annoyed with myself or my dumb program making me take two courses that have minimal connections to my major. It was hard. What was worse is that in grad school, you kind of are expected to have a background in  the subject, even if its not your major!?! So, the whole learning process is supposed to occur prior to taking the course…. yes, counter intuitive.
October was not much better, waking up to a lovely hit and run, but being “rescued” by my awesome cousin who got my fixed my car while I got to play spend time with the baby and little man. Halloween brought some fun, when I got to yell at a bunch of pesky too old to be trick-or-treating trick-or-treaters who took not only to all of the candy I had on my porch but took the bowl too. (I leave a bowl out because I can’t be constantly interrupted while doing school work)
November ended with a bang and no not a good bang. (here’s a little back story) My parents were traveling for pretty much all of fall, and while away my dad had some trouble breathing, but didn’t think much of it. My mom pushed him to make an appointment with his doctor, through out November my dad had a few tests done to rule out any major issues. Every test came up clear, and he went about his daily life. His doctor recommended simply for precautionary reasons to do a heart catheterization. So, as I left to go back home from the Thanksgiving holiday, I kissed my dad goodbye and wished him good luck and teased him about getting his death sentence the next day. (The cardiac catheterization was that Monday)……
Stay tuned!

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