Sunday, October 9, 2011

Start #3... I think

I started this blog when I lost my friend Mallory Code to Cystic Fibrosis. Though her CF was the last thing you would ever know about her. She was beyond amazing and had a heart that was beyond words, but more than anything she always had a smile on her face and took every part of life on with theory of I'm learning to dance in the rain. Maybe this blog will pose as a reminder to see the good in all, accept anyone/anything. I want/need to keep this a constant in my life. So, lets raise our glasses to try #3

(Quick Note)
Dancing in the rain, to me isn't really about dancing, because basically I rarely dance, I'm extremely self conscience and have the rhythm of a toad. Yeah I care WAY TOO much about what people think of me. Its almost crippling. It is about finding the best in everything and rising above the "crap" life hands you. I will may complain or whine in the process but I'm learning to dance in the rain to find an inner calm, overall peace, and maybe, eventually, bits of happiness.  So in the words of OneRepublic, Its a good life and I'm finding out why.

(Yes, I've said this before but I'm random and repetitive and this is my blog)
I've always joked with my mom that I'm the queen of complaining and I'm proud of it, trust me she would prolly agree that complaining was/is one of my hobbies, BUT I'm working on it. I need to constantly remind myself that there are a lot of blessings in my life and the struggles are necessary for me to appreciate life. More importantly I'm not alone, EVERYONE struggles, gets frustrated,  has hurdles to over come, even if its not always obvious to me. I think that is what God wants me to know, I'm special because I'm me NOT because I've stumbled along the way or veered from my faith or just blatantly screwed up.

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